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We work with a variety of clients, including individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Some of our clients are owners of family businesses involving two or more generations, and are concerned with tax issues and business succession planning. Others are retired and seek advice regarding management of their retirement accounts as well as wealth transfer matters. We prefer to work with clients who understand the value of utilizing professional investment advice and who have a long-term, disciplined approach to investing.

Our minimum assets required for investment management portfolios is $250,000. However, all are welcome to visit us for a no-charge consultation regarding financial planning. Some people may already have a financial representative, or they may have the majority of their assets in their company 401(k) plan. We find that most people who are successful in their careers have taken some steps toward planning for financial independence; however, very few have had the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive, coordinated financial plan that considers all aspects of their financial well being.

We always welcome family members of our existing clients, and employees of 401(k) retirement plans which we help manage, regardless of the amount of their investable assets.

We build our asset allocation portfolios with investments that are simple and easy to understand, are liquid and easily traded, and which carry an acceptable amount of risk. We rarely use leveraged or inverse investments or anything that cannot be easily liquidated. Individuals like to day trade, who try to beat the markets based on short-term fluctuations, or who are constantly influenced by the "noise" of the 24-hour news cycle may not be a good fit with our firm.

Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC. Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC.

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