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Dividend Boosters Discipline® Individual Stock Portfolios

We design customized stock portfolios, choosing from a database of over 8,000 stocks to create a focused portfolio of 25 to 50 companies. Using a methodology developed over many years, we choose companies that are shareholder-oriented, dividend-focused and which have a global footprint diversified across major sectors of the US economy. These companies have a history of increasing dividends and have at least doubled their cash dividend over the last 10 years. Their dividends are supported by earnings and free cash flow to reinvest in business, ongoing share buybacks, a healthy balance sheet with lower-than-sector-average debt-to-equity ratios, an “economic moat” (an identifiable and sustainable competitive advantage). We actively monitor your portfolio using systematic, disciplined buy & sell strategies.

Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC. Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC.

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