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Financial Planning

Our growing practice has evolved over the years. We have narrowed our focus to concentrate primarily upon in-house, discretionary investment management designed to meet our clients’ needs and long-term goals. Financial Planning is an integral part of the investment management process. Les Andrews, CFP® and Christina M. Cotten, CFP® are both CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals. They are also national and local members of the Financial Planning Association.

CFP® certification has become the standard of excellence in the financial services industry. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organization to promote the value of professional, competent and ethical financial planning services.

While anyone can use the title “financial planner,” only those professionals who have fulfilled the experience, education, certification and renewal requirements of the CFP Board can display the CFP® certification marks. CFP® professionals are held to a fiduciary standard of care, meaning we are legally required to act in our clients’ best interest. In contrast, salespersons of financial products are not held to the fiduciary standard of care.

Financial Planning involves more than just investing. We assist our clients and retirement plan participants with budgeting, planning for retirement, saving for their own education as well as for their children and grandchildren, and all other aspects of their financial lives and well being. If estate planning, accounting, insurance, retirement plan administration or other services are required, we can provide referrals to other professionals who can fulfill those needs. We receive no referral fees or any other compensation except for our own disclosed management fees.

Like our practice, the tools available for Financial Planning services are changing. We recently purchased new financial planning software. Naturally, it takes time to learn the program, create new systems, and train existing and new team members.

Therefore, in order to protect the high quality of service we provide to our existing clients, we made the decision to temporarily limit the financial planning services we are offer to the public. Because each financial plan is extremely time intensive, it would be a disservice to our loyal clients - many of whom have been with us for years or decades - to spend our limited time gathering information to create financial plans for new client relationships that do not include an investment management component.

We thus amended the description of services we provide beginning on January 1, 2015. For the time being, we will offer financial plans exclusively for our existing clients. This includes children or other family members and employees of clients. A Comprehensive Financial Plan is covered under a separate Agreement, while certain financial planning services may be included in the current Investment Management Agreement.

Our firm is growing, and we are gladly accepting referrals for new client relationships, with the focus of the relationship being investment management. Our desire - as well as our fiduciary obligation - is to act in our clients’ best interest. In the future, once our capacity grows so that we are able to offer standalone or “piecemeal” financial planning services to the public without compromising service for our existing clients, we may again change our description of services.

Download this brochure from the Financial Planning Association to read more about how a financial plan can benefit you: How Can a Financial Planner Help You?

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