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Our Investment Philosophy

As a fee-only investment management firm, Andrews Advisory Associates, LLC provides a service instead of selling products. We have a legal duty to provide a Fiduciary Standard of Care. We provide in-house investment management services and do not outsource to third parties. Thus, our clients avoid an additional layer of management fees.

As part of our clients' overall financial plan, we recommend and monitor investment portfolios which are individually tailored to our clients' needs based on their goals, time horizon, and tolerance for investment volatility. We ensure that our clients' portfolios are properly diversified based on factor such as market capitalization size, sectors of the economy and regions of the world.

Diversification helps to reduce or eliminate the risk that any single investment will have a greater impact on a portfolio than would the market as a whole. We may also implement dollar-cost averaging and periodic rebalancing along with reinvestment of dividends, income and capital gains to keep portfolios in line with the original investment strategy.

Our approach to investing is simple. We believe that a long-term, consistent, disciplined approach to investing with asset allocation at its core is the best course, while keeping investment costs under control is the best way to improve a portfolio's long-term performance. We hold to a disciplined "BUY and REVIEW" philosophy, rather than attempting to time the markets or take on unacceptable levels of risk.

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