Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC.

Our Value

  • As a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser, we are compensated solely by fees for the service we provide, and receive no commissions from the sales of any investment products.
  • We provide a Fiduciary Standard of Care, meaning we are obligated by law to act solely in our clients’ best and highest interests.
  • Our Investment Adviser Representatives have many years of financial expertise beginning in Hawaii in 1975, along with education and industry-standard credentials including the respected Certified Financial Planner™ designation. We participate in of a number of professional and community organizations.
  • Our investment philosophy is simple and based on disciplined asset allocation - not on market timing or complicated, overly risky investment products.
  • All investment management decisions are made in-house and are not outsourced, thus avoiding an unnecessary layer of management fees.
  • All of our clients' assets are held in custody at separate, independent custodians (Charles Schwab Institutional and TD Ameritrade Institutional).
  • Our local presence and team-based approach ensures you always receive a swift response to your needs.
  • Our investment advisory fees are transparent, fully disclosed and competitive. Our philosophy is cost-conscious. We strive to eliminate transaction fees when possible, and to keep ongoing investment costs as low as possible.
Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC. Andrews Advisory Associates,LLC.

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